Favorite Chrome Extensions

Favorite Chrome Extensions

Extensions for Chrome are little programs that add functionality to Google's web browser. Almost all extensions are free, and you can find and download them from the Chrome Web Store.

If you're logged into Chrome, then the extensions you've installed follow you on any computer. Unfortunately, extensions don't work in the Chrome app on tablets and phones.

Extensions are found on the right side of Chrome toolbar. If you get too many extension icons for your liking, you can right click individual icons and choose Hide in Chrome menu. Hidden icons are moved from the toolbar to under the Chrome menu (the three dots).

To hide all extensions, click between the omnibox and the first extension icon. Then drag to the right. You can access the hidden icons in the Chrome menu.

Dragging to hide chrome extensions

You might as well uninstall unused extensions.To delete an extension, right click its icon and choose Remove from Chrome. 

I've created graphics for 10 of my favorite extensions. Each graphic is linked to the extension's page in the Chrome Web Store for easy installation. This listing is by no means complete, and I'll continue to add extensions as I create new graphics. Feel free to tell about an extension you highly recommend in the comments.


Bonus Chrome Tips

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